• Content Marketing

    Content Marketing

    A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant,
    and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience.
  • Present yourself

    Present yourself

    Speak to your audience in their lifestyle language
  • Earn the right to sell to your customers

    Earn the right to sell to your customers

    We can help.
  • Marketing is impossible without great content

    Marketing is impossible without great content

    What if your customers looked forward to hearing from you?
  • The cornerstones

    The cornerstones

    Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.

    - Leo Burnett



Finch and Grey is a digital and content marketing partnership, here to help you effectively navigate the online space, connect with your community and achieve your brand’s full potential.

Fast, flexible and with international award-winning experience, we’ve got gut instinct that many would dream of, expertise at our fingertips and a hunger for authenticity.


Every second of every day, we are all bombarded with content, so we're here to make sure every word and image counts. We are comfortable with both big and bite-size budgets and no project is too large or too small for us. Let us tailor-make a plan that works for you, for your resources and your brand.
From a brand new digital marketing plan to slight tweaks on your website or calls to action, how to effectively advertise online, SEO or simply making sure that visual cues are on point, we know this world well and can assist with genuinely connecting your brand with your dream customer or community.
Are you launching a new brand or product? Have an epic idea but need help to bring it to life? Or do you already love your brand identity, but need consistent and impactful marketing material designed? For concepts, ongoing creative direction and day-to-day design, you're in the right place.
The beauty of the digital age is that brands now also own media space in the form of their websites, rather than only renting a soapbox. Social networks and the tools that we use to communicate come and go, but websites are here to stay and should be where the marketing journey both begins and ends.
If your logo is your brand’s face, then content is its voice and marketing is quite simply impossible without it. We're in a time where we have to earn the right to sell to our customers, and quality content is the way. From visual to video and written or more, we do content audits, strategy, execution and management.
Telling a consistent story without saying a word is both an art and a necessity. A brand’s visual style is more than just photos, it's everything someone sees. Do your images match your brand and business ethos? Do product shots convert into sales? We have an eye for the visuals and how to make them work hard.
What if your customers looked forward to hearing from you? With huge potential to impact the bottom line, particularly in eCommerce, we can put together world-leading email campaigns that will convert and connect. From over-arching strategy and calendar-based planning to design, copy and imagery, we do it all.
There’s real magic to be made when a brand embraces the power of being able to engage with their market in real-time, with a sincere, unique approach and voice. We can work with you in creating a social media strategy that works for you and your team, giving your brand the right kind of voice and heart.
Make every word count. Whether for web or print, long-form articles or bitesize brand pieces, press releases or advertisements, social posts or newsletters, we will write, edit, proof and publish copy that conveys your message quickly and clearly, directing the right traffic to your brand and shines.
Often great ideas are left behind because making them happen is too much of a battle. We can navigate your way through website creation, SEO, advertising online, creative processes, critical paths, paper quality, printing practices, radio recordings and anything else with terms too technical to brave.

Earn the right to sell to your customers


Renée (the finch)
Finch and Grey © | Renée Nesbitt

With a BA Degree in Marketing Communications from AAA School of Advertising in hand (with a double specialisation in Brand Management and Account Management), Renée cut her teeth in fashion marketing and PR for five years before joining the Cape Town advertising world, working on large FMCG advertising and corporate CSI accounts for a leading South African retailer.

After writing for Yuppiechef in her spare time, Renée eventually joined the team full-time as online visual merchandiser. Together with Lisa, she went on to lead the product and content marketing team, also heading up numerous successful special brand projects.

In 2013, Renée completed the Digital Marketing Course through Quirk and the University of Stellenbosch Business School, where she was named top of the class.

Photography, brand management, creative direction, production and, of course, internationally award-winning email campaigns are her hallmark.

Renée lives in Cape Town and whenever she has the chance, she’s listening to storytelling podcasts, drinking good coffee, or painting with water colours, inks or oils.


Lisa studied at the University of Durham in the UK, before learning her copy-editing, proof-reading and copy-writing skills at Hodder & Stoughton as a commissioning book editor. In 2008, she became the managing editor of The Good Food Guide and was paid to compile the annual bestselling guide to the top restaurants in the country (it was tough).

She moved to Cape Town nearly ten years ago and was one of the first members of the Yuppiechef team, an online retailer spearheading the eCommerce revolution in South Africa. It was at Yuppiechef that she met Renée, where together they headed up content and product marketing.

Lisa knows her way around marketing effectively through world class content and having fun while doing it. She lives in Noordhoek with her husband and two kids and when not tapping away on her keyboard, she loves swimming in tidal pools and walking on Noordhoek beach.


Below are some of the clients that we have been lucky enough to work with.
Finch and Grey © | Dermastore®
Finch and Grey © | The Creamery
Finch and Grey © | Sexy Socks
Finch and Grey © | Rare Earth
Finch and Grey © | Pesto Princess
Finch and Grey © | Mr D Food
Finch and Grey © | Absolute Pets
Finch and Grey © | SSISA
Finch and Grey © | Women of the Future
Finch and Grey © | Leisure Books
Finch and Grey © | Rock the Boat
Finch and Grey © | Princess Diamonds


The most valuable forms of marketing are consumed voluntarily


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